MOST women will tell you that having a hairdresser they can trust implicitly is absolutely vital.

I am very selective about who I allow to treat or cut my hair.

But when offered the chance to have a consultation with a man who has previously held the title of Britain’s hairdresser of the year, it is difficult to resist.

Andrew Barton, who lives in Hove and has a hair studio in the city, offered us the opportunity for an expert makeover to mark the relaunch of his salon.

My family have a superstition that none of us get our hair cut for two weeks after Chinese New Year and unfortunately Andrew’s kind offer fell within this period.

Nevertheless he was still able to assess my hair and suggest what needed to be done to it.

Andrew, 53, has just revamped his Brighton studio, Headmasters in Jubilee Street.

When The Argus visited the studio was already packed with customers.

Andrew and his staff immediately put me at my ease.

He became a hairdresser when he was 17 and he opened his first Headmasters studio in London’s Mayfair 30 years ago. And now there are more than 60 stores across the country. 

Andrew, who is the creative director of the salons, said what he loved most about his job was making people look good and feel good.

Having starred in the popular makeover reality TV show Ten Years Younger for several series, Andrew said being able to restore people’s confidence was absolutely crucial.

Today's hair trends are different to 30 years ago as women followed whichever style was popular. 

However, today's women want to choose their own styles and hair colouring, for example Balayage is in vogue.  

Taking pride in yourself, he believes, is key to self-belief. And this means taking care of your hair and knowing which style suits you.

He told me he remembered his mother would never go out of the house without first combing her hair and putting on lipstick. Andrew explained his mother had taught him that one should always look after yourself no matter what. 

He told me one of his regular clients would always get her hair done before hosting a executive meeting. Other clients would put aside some money every week to save up for a superb treatment with Andrew.

Andrew said: "When women come to get their hair done, it's a chance for them to escape and relax, and have a bit of me time. It's a chance for them to focus on themselves, get a new look and recharge their batteries. If you look good, you will feel good." 

I had my hair washed and was given a superb head massage which was incredibly relaxing.

Andrew blow-dried my hair with a round hair brush. He said while my hair was strong, he recommended I use a conditioner mask to help it stay moisturised.

When he uncurled my hair, I was stunned by Andrew’s magic touch. I couldn’t have been more impressed with the extra gloss and waves in my hair.

But more importantly, Andrew had provided me with something you can’t put a price on – I felt absolutely great. 

For details of the salon ring 0345 459 7730.