DESPITE repeated warnings about the danger it appears there are still those who refuse to listen.

Yet again, people have risked their lives to take “selfies” at Birling Gap.

What is it going to take for people to stop taking such crazy risks?

In 2017 a Korean student plummeted 200ft to her death when she jumped up to try and take a spectacular selfie only to stumble and fall over the edge. What a tragic waste of a young life.

But the warnings are still going largely unheeded.

Yet again the foolhardy were pictured right at the edge of Birling Gap taking selfies when all it takes is one miss-step for someone to fall over the edge.

What made it all the more unbelievable last weekend was that people continued to loiter near the edge of the cliffs even as the police helicopter hovered overhead broadcasting warnings to move away.

It is a well-established fact that cliff faces in Sussex are prone to collapse, hence the reason sensible people stay a safe distance away from the edge.

Yet thrill-seekers seem to think they are immune to the danger. They are not.

At this time of the year the cliffs all along our cost are at their most dangerous, with the prospect or rain and snow making conditions even more treacherous than usual.

The message from all of the emergency services is stark and has to be heeded by everyone.

Failure to do so will eventually lead to another life being needlessly lost.

When it happens nobody can possibly say they weren’t warned about the danger.