A FIVE-VEHICLE crash has partially blocked the A27.

The collision happened at about 7.45am on the A27 eastbound in Coldean Lane, at the Hollingbury, Ditchling junction.

The vehicles involved are partially blocking the road both ways.

One driver who is stuck in the traffic said: "I'm stuck on the A23 and the traffic is stretching back for miles behind me.

"Since I've been here, a few police cars have gone past.

"I'm moving very slowly, just creeping along and never out of first gear.

"I've heard there was a six car pile-up on the A27, but that's about a mile away from where I am."

There was a second separate collision at Hollingbury Hill at the same time.

A Sussex Police spokesman said: "Eight vehicles were involved in two separate collisions on the A27 eastbound at Hollingbury Hill, Brighton, at 7.45am. 

"The nearby incidents caused significant traffic delays while the road was cleared. 

"One man in the second crash, which involved five vehicles, sustained neck injuries. 

"One lane of the dual carriageway was re-opened at 8.23am to allow traffic to begin moving."

The AA website said vehicles are “still able to get past with care”.

It warned drivers to expect severe delays of 19 minutes, with this time set to increase, and queuing traffic for 5 miles on the A27 westbound.

There is now an average speed of 20 mph in the surrounding area.