VICTIMS of motorbike thieves have spoken about their experiences.

Sean Doherty, 57, was left out of pocket and frustrated with the police after his £3,000 motorbike was stolen. 

The Worthing resident said: “What upset me most is that I needed it to get to work.

“I worked out that I was left about five grand out of pocket and the insurance company only paid out 40 per cent of the cost of the bike.

“The police found two the two lads and the bike while they were trying to steal another one.”

But Mr Doherty says he was told by police that the two thieves would not prosecuted.

He said: “I thought ‘why would even bother telling me if you’re not going to do anything’?

“You might as well let them have the bike.”

Mr Doherty said that although it was difficult to condone vigilantism, he understood why people were resorting to it as there “appears to be no law enforcement”.

He added: “If someone offered to get my bike back, I would have gone with them.

“You cannot underplay the amount of distress it causes when your whole way of life is taken away from you.”

Another victim, Rob Hogg, had his motorbike taken in Hove.

The electrician said he was pleased with the police effort after they dispatched a helicopter to find the thief.

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Mr Hogg, from Brighton, said: “Whoever did this is low, very low.

“I spent a year learning how to rebuild engines and my girlfriend made the seat cover.

“Then for some little sod to take it for a joyride is completely gutting.”

The thief evaded the helicopter along with a police dog who took a chunk out of his leg, and managed to escape.

Mr Hogg said: ““I’m so pleased the Old Bill have gone for it to try to take care of business.

“It soothed my soul when I heard a police dog had taken a chunk out of his ankle.

“I went around Europe on that bike and now it’s been taken away from me.”

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In 2018, Sussex Police launched Operation Handlebars which targets motorbike thieves operating in Brighton.

Officers are running the operation in a bid to identify and catch suspects.

They continue to appeal for businesses and residents in East Brighton to come forward with any information they may have.

At the time, PC Emma Gee said: “We have seen a rising number of motorcycle thefts in the area, particularly mopeds.

“Not only are the suspects stealing the motorcycles but they are driving them dangerously on roads and pavements without crash helmets.

“This poses a risk to the public and themselves.”

Have you had your motorbike stolen in the Greater Brighton area? Get in contact at

>> Read more: Brighton vigilante gang are stealing back motorbikes