Japanese food, especially sushi, is popular in Brighton and Hove and there are plenty of great restaurants to try out if you want your fix of katsu curry or fantastic fish. Jamie Walker has once again taken to TripAdvisor to find the ten best, according to the website.

Tropical Sushi

Western Road, Brighton

Five stars (179 reviews)

Having initially established itself as a pop-up restaurant across the city, Tropical Sushi proved so popular that it opened its own establishment.

It offers a mix of traditional dishes and more Latin inspired sushi.

TripAdvisor commenter Columbus 1987 said: “I cannot fault the fusion sushi menu, never seems to disappoint with such unique flavours and textures.”

Bincho Yakitori

Preston Street, Brighton

Four and a half stars (303 reviews)

The food at Bincho Yakitori has impressed so much that it came second in the Brighton’s Best Restaurants top 20 list for 2018.

Diners will find a comprehensive menu with a wide range of Japanese food.

June D said: “The emphasis is on small sharing dishes with the addition of daily specials.

“Everything we had was freshly cooked and delicious.”

The Argus:

Goeman Ramen Bar

Preston Street, Brighton

Four and a half stars (171 reviews)

Preston Street is renowned as the “street of a thousand restaurants” and TripAdvisor says this is one of the best.

Ramen is a staple of Japanese cuisine and if you’re a fan of it this is a great place to go.

Amazing noodles and broth will warm your cockles.

Peartreeman said: “The ramen tasted of wheat, ginger, bean sprouts, pork.

“It was fresh, it was delicious.”


Bartholomew Square, Brighton

Four and a half stars (272 reviews)

Moshimo has established itself as a Brighton institution with a fiercely loyal customer base.

Its fantastic sushi is tough to top and it’s no surprise it proves so consistently popular.

Maud B said: “The place is beautiful, the atmosphere is nice and the staff are really good.”


Trafalgar Street, Brighton

Four and a half stars (97 reviews)

As well as serving authentic Japanese food, the decor inside O’Shio will whisk you away to the far east and make you feel you are dining in real Japanese surroundings.

Love1laugh1eat1 said: “Gentlemen if you want to impress your ladies, take them here.”


Kensington Street, Brighton

Four stars (529 reviews)

It is always a tough choice when it comes to including big chain restaurants on this list, but Wagamama is so popular with locals that it has to be mentioned.

It is an all-round great dining experience with a national guarantee on quality.

Nat N said: “Fast service and yummy food, served with a smile.”

The Argus:

Sushi Garden

Preston, Street, Brighton

Four stars (286 reviews)

This restaurant isn’t the biggest but it is certainly one of the best.

Joetidd said on TripAdvisor: “The menu has all the favourites and a good selection of sharing and chef’s choice platters.”

Shogun Ramen

Prince Albert Street, Brighton

Four stars (113 reviews)

Another top ramen place in the city for those who like noodles and broth.

If you haven’t had ramen before this is the place to have your first experience.

You won’t be disappointed.

Shikhar300 said: “This is the best little place we have visited to eat as they serve really big portions of delicious food for a great price in Brighton.”


North Street, Brighton

Four stars (121 reviews)

Another national chain that delivers high quality sushi, Itsu is usually busy and always seems to hit the spot if you’re looking for sushi or hot Japanese dishes at a reasonable price.

Artyfarty1 said: “Excellent Japanese food, great atmosphere. Very good value.”

Japanese Cafe An-an

Boundary Road, Hove

Five stars (21 reviews)

A relative newcomer on the restaurant scene, which may be apparent from its lack of reviews, Cafe An-an expanded from a home delivery service to opening this cafe.

If you live in Hove and don’t want to travel into Brighton for Japanese food, this is worth a visit.

Malcolm D said: “The menu is not extensive, but what they do they do very well with quite modest resources.”