BOYS as young as nine have been questioned by police after a spate of vandalism on cars.

The trio were spotted in roads around Burgess Hill carving swear words with keys on to the vehicles during a rampage on Wednesday.

It was reported that they had etched the words “f***”, “n*****”, and “slut” into the bodywork, and swore at adults who challenged them.

They were spotted in streets off Hammonds Ridge in the town, and across the London Road B2036 in roads such as Chanctonbury Road and Meadow Lane.

Among those affected was Emma Morgan in Meadow Lane, who had her car scratched.

She works for family chauffeur firm Sussex Prestige Cars.

She said: “I heard some noise outside, it was some children shouting.

“I looked out of the window and saw a young boy touching my car on the drive.

“When I asked what he was doing I got a mouthful of abuse and they ran off.

“It was not until later that I saw it had been keyed all the way down the length of the vehicle.

“I posted on social media, and people have emailed and told me they have seen swear words, racist and sexist words on bonnets and doors.

“I was upset and angry.

“The children doing it are as young as ten. It has shaken me.”

Ms Morgan said the business felt lucky that none of the £80,000 cars had been parked in the area at the time.

Meanwhile resident Alex Spinks said he had parked in Pangdene Close and had seven panels of his Mercedes damaged.

He said: “This would cost at least a few thousand pounds to get redone.

“However I am having to claim on my own insurance as an ‘own fault’ claim.

“So I will lose my no claims bonus and have to pay excess for the criminal damage that has been done.

“It’s infuriating that they have done this and clearly have no understanding of the consequences of their actions.

“I just hope they get caught and realise the damage and huge aggravation they have caused to everyone financially.”

Police have confirmed 15 reports of damage in the area, and say the children have been identified.

A parent of one of the children said police were on their way to speak with the boys, one of who was nine years old.

Criminal damage can be reported on the Sussex Police website or on 101.