A MAN is fuming after receiving a ticket for leaving his car in a pub car park while he popped in for a drink with his wife, writes Carly-May Kavanagh.

John Moogan, 73, who has been visiting the Smuggler’s Rest in Telscombe Cliffs for 20 years, went back for a visit a few weeks ago.

But his relaxing evening out left a nasty aftertaste.

He left the pub at 6pm after an hour spent enjoying a couple of drinks.

A week later he was shocked to receive an £85 parking fine through the door of his home in Peacehaven.

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The pub requires customers who park in its car park to put their registration number into an iPad in the bar so it is not misused.

However Mr Moogan had no idea he was supposed to do this.

He said: “I think we should have been warned if there were parking restrictions.

“ It was seemingly the same as usual, the same staff, and no one said a word.

“I think we should have been warned if there were parking restrictions.”

His wife Denise said: “I think it’s terrible.

“Other people will go in thinking they can just have a drink and relax but they could be whacked with a fine.

“There are no signs at all, no one said anything.

“We know quite a few people who go there, but they’re potentially going to get a shock when they come out.”

Mr Moogan said he has no plans to return to pub after receiving the fine and will find somewhere else to enjoy a drink.

The Smuggler’s Rest was contacted but declined to comment.