In his last adventure along the Seahaven Coastal Trail, Steve Kisko sets off from Seaford along the cliffs to his final destination of Exceat. His walk includes an opportunity to see the superb views of the Seven Sisters from the famous coastguard cottages seen on many a postcard.

1. Start outside the main entrance of Seaford railway station. With your back to the door turn right towards the mini-roundabout. Turn right (3rd exit) into Church Street.

Keep left as Church Street branches off to the left. In 200 yards continue down Church Street which forks right here. On reaching Steyne Road turn left. In 25 yards cross another mini-roundabout and continue straight on.

Take the second road on the right, College Road. Follow this for 400 yards until a crossroads with Cricketfield Road. Turn right between two grassy fields.

In 100 yards reach Esplanade and turn left or use the promenade on the seaward side of the beach huts. Here you join the Vanguard Way for the rest of the walk which is well waymarked. In 350 yards you reach the bottom of the cliffs.

2. Take the path ahead up the cliff which arcs around to the left and start to climb uphill. It takes you round the left of a brick walled structure. Begin walking along the coastline, but not too near the clifftop.

Here there are protective fences and it flattens out for a while. There are normally short-cropped stretches of grass to indicate the way. Also, be aware of a golf course to your immediate left.

Coming up is a steep section after which stay well away from the cliff edge, often roped off. It should flatten out again as you walk over Seaford Head. You should now be presented with views of the Seven Sisters cliffs ahead.

After about a mile you should start to descend into a short valley. Make your way down to Hope Gap where this is access to the beach and a lookout.

3. Carry on around to the left up a short steep bit and continue on a path that follows the coastline. There are plenty of benches along the way to stop and rest. Make your way to the Coastguard Cottages, bearing around to their left and walk past them down to the shingle beach.

Go around a building on the corner, then turn left and make your way up to and through a gate close to a right-hand fence. Keep right and in 100 yards turn right through another gate.

You can now follow the path straight for about three-quarters of a mile, either fenced-in or bordered with bushes with views over to the right of the flat estuary of the Cuckmere River.

At the next gate go straight on, not left or right, again fenced-in. In 300 yards continue through the car park of the Cuckmere Inn pub to reach the A259.

4. You need to turn right here and cross over Exceat Bridge but the pavement is on the left-hand side and the junction is busy. Traffic coming from the left has priority. Carefully make your way over and then cross back onto the right-hand side of the road where you follow the pavement again for a third of a mile with the old meanders of the river on your right.

It is suggested you follow the pavement around to the right and end the walk at the car park of the Seven Sister Country Park. A little further on up the hill you will find a bus stop to catch the bus back to Seaford.

Across the road there is a visitors’ centre and café in what is left of the much-reduced village of Exceat before it was largely abandoned in the medieval period.

You have reached the eastern end of the Seahaven Coastal Trail, the other end is Saltdean.

Distance/time: Just over 4 miles taking 2 hours.

Public transport: You could catch the train to the start at Seaford Station, see and bus back, or catch the bus to the start and from the end using Brighton & Hove Buses, see, services 12 and 12A.

Car: West Street car park in Seaford is near the start or check local street parking.

Underfoot: There is a short but steep climb up a grassy hill in the second mile to reach Seaford Head and another in the third after Hope Gap. Otherwise there are stretches of flat walking with a bit of pavement at the start through the town. With views out to sea and of the Seven Sisters.

Seahaven Coastal Trail (SCT):

Thirsty work: Plenty of places in Seaford or you could try the Cuckmere Inn near the end or Saltmarsh Café at Exceat.

NOTE: This is a linear walk and does not return to the start. Regular buses should provide adequate transport to find your way back.

Maps: OS Explorer 123