ENTREPRENEUR Sheikh Abid Gulzar has announced exciting plans for a jetty off Eastbourne Pier.

Mr Gulzar is confident the jetty will be up and running by the summer.

He said: “It is something that has been spoken about since I took over the pier in 2015.

“We have gradually improved Eastbourne Pier bit by bit, month by month, and I’m very pleased with it.

“So too are the public. We are receiving great support from the town and the pier is busy.

“It may still be winter but of course we have had some nice weather and people have come onto the pier.

“Now the time has come to take forward the jetty plan.

“The contract is signed and work should be underway soon.”

Mr Gulzar says he is proud to continue to support the town’s economy at a difficult time pre-Brexit.

He said: “It’s not easy for businesses at the moment.

“We heard two weeks of the sad demise of Ellis Building Contractors in Eastbourne.

“It’s now also common knowledge that not all of the restaurants who said they would be coming to The Beacon will now be.

“Let’s make no mistake, business is tough for everyone at the moment.

“But I am proud that I continue to invest in Eastbourne and East Sussex, employing more than 150 people at our busiest times of the year.

“At my age it would be easy to step back but I’m not going to, I will continue to serve the town and help the economy in the best way that I can.”