“NO Justice” was the Argus headline on Saturday.

I have every sympathy for victims of the Shoreham air disaster.

The loss of loved ones and friends is a terrible experience.

However, In Britain we have a legal system based on the English common law.

This system forms the basis of the American system and virtually every free world judiciary.

The rights we enjoy today, including the right to trial by jury, have evolved over hundreds of years.

Our judiciary is independent of the state. Andrew Hill has been declared innocent.

So to claim that there has been no justice is misleading. Justice was administered by a jury in a court of law. The defendant was found innocent.

Such a headline also casts aspersions upon the jury members.

I have twice served on a jury. Decisions have to be made on the evidence available. A defendant is innocent until proven guilty.

Doubtful evidence has to be dismissed and the benefit of the doubt given to the accused.

If any further details emerge the defendant can be re-tried as the recent Russell Bishop case demonstrated. No one is happy when a decision goes against them. But to claim there has been no justice is wrong.

Richard J Szypulski Lavender Street Brighton