AN ARTIST has completed his second portrait of Russell Brand.

Robert Burns, 71, from Brighton, says it was the comedian’s tattoos that inspired him.

The picture shows Brand with his hands clasped together, almost in prayer.

He is wearing a dark blue vest which shows off the tattoos on his right arm.

Robert said: “Russell doesn’t sit for me, I just happened to spot this photo.

“It was on the cover of a Sunday Times supplement.

“I thought it was a fantastic picture.

“The fascinating thing about his tattoos is that they are all references to Hindu mythology.

“But there is a line on his lower arm which reads ‘Lord make me a channel of thy piece’ which is a line from the peace prayer from St Francis of Assisi.

“It’s been widely used by politicians, I believe Nancy Pelozi has used it, as has President Clinton and Margaret Thatcher.”

It is not the first time Robert has been inspired to paint Russell Brand.

In 2011 he recreated a famous work by Michelangelo, depicting Brand with a crown of thorns. The painting drew the public’s attention

for its likeness to the

TV star.

Robert has said that should there ever be another film about Jesus then Brand should get the lead role.

He said: “I saw his photo in a newspaper and he was the spitting image of Christ, so I lifted it.

“In my second painting he looks so biblical, he has

this stare and his hands clasped.”

The retired painter and decorator is such a fan of fine art that he has transformed his home in Twyford Close into a live-in gallery.

It features a ceiling with a recreation of the Sistine Chapel.

Robert has many other pieces of European-inspired artwork on the walls.

However he and his house guests are the only ones who have access to the private collection.

In 2007 Robert was contacted by a Brighton millionaire asking him to redecorate the ballroom ceiling of his luxury mansion outside Horsham – the job took three months to complete.