TODAY we have reported on how Pride will remain at the heart of Brighton’s St James’s Street in the summer.

There were voices in the city calling for the party to be moved to the seafront, with concerns over noise and safety chief on objectors’ minds.

Without a doubt, Pride celebrations can be loud and there are problems with rubbish and the clean-up operation afterwards.

This is why the public consultation to hear everyone’s views was important.

While there is disruption, Pride and the street party around are vital for businesses in the area, including the bars, restaurants, shops, and hotels.

And to try to move the street party to the seafront would be a mistake.

St James’s Street and Kemp Town is where there are the most gay bars and businesses.

The message sent to them if a party is moved to Madeira Terrace would be one of moving Pride outside the main gay scene in the city, almost to a second class status.

Councillor Robert Nemeth has listed some concerns residents have about wristbands just to get access to their homes, while an idea to present your gas bill to stewards seems farcical and would lead to problems.

So there is work for Pride organisers to do with the community, which we are sure the organisers will do.

Ultimately it is one weekend of the year, the largest event on the city’s calendar.

The best way forward is for everyone to work together to ensure that communities benefit while visitors can enjoy the weekend safely.