A VIOLENT storm has torn off a large pub sign which smashed onto the business’s tables and chairs below.

Staff from the popular pub, The Cricketers, in The Green, Southwick, were shocked to discover their sign had been dislodged.

Manager Steve Stephen said they were relieved no one was hurt.

He added: “It happened at about 12.30pm on Sunday. We were quite shocked by it but thankfully no one was outside at the time.

“The pub sign is made of wood and it has been rotting over time.

“We came out to move the sign to the corner of the terrace.

“The old sign will be removed soon and a new sign will be put in place.”

Susanna Chaplin, 70, who lives nearby, said: “The tables and chairs were smashed and it looked so dramatic.

“The staff cleared up the mess and moved the sign to the railings near the tables and chairs outside.

“The Cricketers is very popular with families and workmen who love to come down for a drink.

“It is also popular with young people who come to watch football on TV. I’m very glad everyone is safe.

“It was really scary because the sign was very big. Luckily no one was sitting outside otherwise it could have been dreadful.”