I READ the letter from a Mr Armstrong from Peacehaven with increasing disbelief.

I really cannot believe that anybody could come up with the crazy comments like his, on the subject of the police, their protective clothing, the cars they use and so forth.

I quote: “Just one example being the amount of protective clothing they use before they enter to search a suspect’s house. Also the make of cars they drive, all of which appear to be the latest models.”

Mr Armstrong reckons that these items are not cheap, and asks if this is where all of the funds are going.

He reckons that all this expense is what is stopping the funding for extra police on the streets.

I ask you Mr Armstrong, do you honestly think that, when entering any premises where there are suspected criminals, drug users and possible dangerous circumstances, that they should not have all of the protective clothing, namely a stab vest usually, but just go in jacket and trousers?

I think that your statement just shows how ignorant about reality you must be.

As regards their nice new cars that are used, would you rather they ride around in cheaper ten or even 15-year-old motors, while those criminals they are trying to apprehend drive some of the latest models?

Or maybe, going by your other comments, we’d be better off with just beat bobbies, who could stand out in the roads, and put a hand up to stop the crims in their cars which are often stolen or being used to carry drugs?

Your comments really baffle me, since we all know about the rising crime rates, and the drastic reduction in police numbers.

Don’t you think that they need every bit of the latest kit, to preserve their lives? They all want to come home to families after a horrendous day dealing with things you have probably never even seen.

George Mower Hangleton