A WOMAN is absolutely disgusted after discovering mould on her takeaway chicken.

Lorna Townsend, 19, from Brighton, says she ordered dinner from KFC in London Road, Brighton, via app-based delivery company Deliveroo.

She was looking forward to enjoying the chicken but instead ended up feeling sick after picking up the chicken and finding it caked in green mould.

She said: “I ate some of the chicken and then moved on to another piece.

“It was then I saw the mould on it and it made me gag.”

Lorna has a four-month-old son and is outraged that if he had been old enough to try the food he could have made him sick, as well as her.

She added: “This could have made me really ill.

“I am not feeling too great today either.

“It is appalling how they think it’s acceptable for this to be sold to the public without being checked.”

The pictures were posted to Facebook and have since been shared more than 200 times and attracted more than 200 comments.

The post reads: “Just ordered KFC from London Road through Deliveroo and they think this is acceptable? The chicken is clearly mouldy.

“I’m fuming, just a warning to anyone to not order from there. Disgusting.”

Lorna, a health care assistant, also said that her sister recently had a negative experience at the same branch, after being served chicken that was pink in the centre.

An irate Lorna is now calling for the restaurant to be shut down.

She said: “I’ve had people commenting on the pictures and some say they have had similar experiences.

“Not enough care is being taken, people can get really sick - it’s potentially life threatening.”

A KFC spokesperson said: “We’ve looked into this and while it’s clearly not nice to see, it’s completely harmless and occasionally comes as a result of dealing with fresh chicken.

"That said, we’re sorry for Lorna’s experience and have offered her a voucher for a free meal on us the next time she visits.”