I THINK we can safely say that Brexit has exposed the ignorance, and arrogance, of the “little Britisher” brigade.

For a start, you people seem to be under the illusion that, postBrexit, the EU will suffer from lack of our money.

Yet, given the emergence of the Japanese/EU trading bloc, may I suggest that the EU may be better off without us.

And, as we are breaking tens of thousands of trade deals, we will still be shovelling tens of billions of pounds into the EU and we will be getting nothing in return.

So, all of those tulip growers, and vintners and so forth will be paid by us taxpayers anyway.

Your next mistake is the fact that you still live in the misguided belief that the UK is one united country, when in fact it is five countries, namely England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

The SNP are now talking about getting rid of the Trident programme, when they are independent.

And, when they have established their rights of self determination and sovereignty over their own country, the position of the monarchy will be severely undermined, to the point of collapse.

Equally, Plaid Cymru is also raising the idea of independence for Wales.

Then, there is Ireland. Again, this is tricky for no other reason than the people there are sick to death of being told what to do, in their own country, by the tyrannical British establishment.

I also suspect that, at some point in the future, the Japanese/EU trading bloc will start waving the prospect of work, and trade to the other countries in the union. And, they will go for it.

In fact, the Scots and Irish, are already making plans to form a League of Celtic nations.

So, it will just be us English who will have to pay for Trident, Brexit, the monarchy and the £1.8 trillion of national debt that enslaves us to the World Bank and the IMF.

How then will we be able to sustain this cost?

There are the only two things, in England that are of interest to the global market oil and gas, the latter of which is going to China.

So, as we are tied into trade deals with China, where is our independence there?

As we break up the UK we will no longer need a monarchy, so we can asset strip them and boot them out on to the streets.

This will release money that we can use to end poverty.

In finishing, it appears to me that, too many people in England have only school text book knowledge of the history of the people of these islands, and a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

Your beloved Brexit may end up becoming “Eexit” which isn’t what you voted for, but that is your problem to suffer.

Kenny Lloyd Norway Street Portslade