Labour MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle says Prime Minister Theresa May's position is now "untenable" after Parliament rejected the option of a no-deal exit from the European Union.

Mr Russell-Moyle, MP for Brighton Kemptown and Peacehaven, said: "I think we have known for a while that Mrs May's position is untenable, but this is the final nail in the coffin for her.

"It seems she will come back with something, which is breaking protocol, but that's her - someone who has no regard when it comes to doing the right thing.

"That's why she needs to go. That's why we need to go back to the EU to look for an alternative option, and then put it back to the people.

"We will get there, we need to do it bit by bit. This is (Labour leader) Jeremy Corbyn's plan and if we save the country we will be remembered for it."

Mrs May lost the vote by a 321-278 margin as MPs rejected leaving the EU without a withdrawal agreement. 

MPs will now vote on whether to delay Brexit as Mrs May warned of a "lengthy" postponement of the UK's departure from the UK.

Meanwhile, Brexiteer Tory Henry Smith, who represents Crawley, said: "In Parliament tonight I will vote to keep a no-deal Brexit on the table. Any real-world negotiation includes walking away as an option, not to is weak or surrender. 

"No deal is better than a bad agreement - that’s the election promise I, and all Conservative MPs, stood on in 2017."