TODAY we have reported on the great work being done to turn youngsters’ lives around through boxing.

The WBC Cares In The Community programme has been operating at the Brighton and Hove ABC.

It is part of a wider effort to help young people who have committed crime or been expelled from their school to give them new focus and direction.

Visiting the gym yesterday was Brighton and Hove Mayor Dee Simson, who replaced Punch and Judy politics in the city for some real-life boxing gloves.

She will have been impressed by the efforts of the organisers, and also of the youngsters sparring and training there.

Many professional pugilists will tell you the transformation that the sport has brought to their lives.

Stars like Anthony Joshua had his scrapes, including incidents during a football match and later was on remand for fighting and partying.

He even had to complete community service, but it was boxing that helped turn his life around.

Organiser and former champion Scott Welch said those who go into boxing often have a tough upbringing.

We have seen problems in recent weeks with knife crime across the country.

But the sport can provide a focus for young men and women, and also challenge them in ways that the school curriculum can’t. So the news that the programme could expand across Sussex is very welcome.

Hopefully the programme continues to reach out to youngsters, giving them direction to become champions in life.