A STUDENT went head to head with Boris Johnson on live radio.

Will Heath, 16, a student at Seaford College, near Petworth, called LBC Radio on Wednesday to have a discussion with the former Mayor of London.

Boris was on a live LBC phone-in with show host Nick Ferrari.

The Year 12 politics student quizzed Mr Johnson on Brexit, but said he didn’t get the answers he wanted.

He added that his ambition is to be an MP but he has been left feeling low by Brexit talks.

He said: “I’ve been disheartened by the rhetoric around Brexit.”

Will’s politics teacher, Alison Thomas, who was listening to the show, says she was proud of her student.

She said: “We’ve had some good discussions about Brexit in class and it’s great to see that he was inspired to call and discuss these serious issues.

“Will sounded very confident and is applying the knowledge he’s learnt in class and asked an eloquent question.

“He has a great awareness of the complexity of the issue and asks a question that Boris finds tricky to answer.”

Will’s mum was also listening and spoke of her pride in her son.

She said: “I wonder if Boris would be surprised to know that Will is only 16.

“He came across as very competent and sounded a lot older.

“Will has a passion for politics, we all do in the family, and is really enjoying his A-level course at Seaford.”

Will enjoyed his radio experience so much that he even asked if he could pop out during his Les Miserables rehearsals later in the day to call back LBC during their phone-in with Nigel Farage.