A PETITION started by Green Party campaigner Emily O’Brien to reduce the speed limit on the A259 between Newhaven to Seaford has just a few more days to run.

The petition followed a string of accidents on this stretch of road including one involving Emily’s son, and has already gathered more than 200 signatures both on paper and on-line.

She said: “It’s crazy to charge along this road at 60mph only to sit in traffic in Seaford or Newhaven.

“A 40mph speed limit will add less than a minute to journeys but reduce congestion and accidents.

“The road may seem rural but many households turn onto it as a city street,

“There are bus stops and footpaths on either side.

“Pedestrians, cyclists and bus users literally take their life in their hands.

“This is all about priorities.

East Sussex County Council says there is no money for vital road crossings and safety measures.

“How many more people have to be injured or killed before something is done?”

The petition can be signed online by searching ‘40mph petition’ at www.eastsussex.gov.uk

East Sussex County Council has had to save millions of pounds in the last few years due to cutbacks from central government.

In January it revealed plans to make savings of £5.1m to deliver a balanced budget in 2019-20.

Councillor David Elkin, lead member for resources, said estimates for the next two years show a £21.2m deficit.

However, this was not as bad as first feared.