A GRANDMOTHER who has just attended her first pop concert at the age of 76 was thrilled to get a message from the star of the show.

Beryl Reeves saw George Ezra perform at the Brighton Centre on Monday night.

The pensioner, who lives in Hove, was given the ticket to as an early birthday present from her grandson Kevin after he saw the show advertised in The Argus.

Beryl, who turns 77 this month, had to go on her own because Kevin was only able to snap up one ticket before the show sold out.

And she enjoyed every minute.

She said: “The lights went out and the noise from the band was unbelievable.

“I downloaded all the words before I went so I could sing along.

“He’s such a great performer.

“You don’t dance to the music but it does make you swing.”

Beryl was even more delighted when she received a personalised message from George himself.

It came after her daughter Jennifer posted a list of rules online for Beryl to follow at the show.

It asked other concert goers to look out for her and urged Beryl not to have too much gin.

The jokey post was shared many times and ended up being featured on BBC Radio 1.

Beryl was then interviewed by the station and spoke of her excitement at seeing George Ezra live.

George heard the broadcast – and called Radio 1 to give her a message.

He said: “I just listened back to the phone call you had with our mate Beryl, and I would like to say a huge thank you to her for making it down to the show.

“What an amazing thing.

“I’m going to sign a few bits of tour merchandise and that will come to Beryl very soon.”

A delighted Beryl thanked everyone who helped make it happen.

She said: “I was very emotional.

“He did a message just for me. He called me his mate, it was amazing.”

Now she can’t wait to go to another concert – but will have to wait until George’s next tour.

This one finishes on Wednesday at the O2 in London. Beryl said: “I did look up all the dates – he was in Cardiff after Brighton but I couldn’t make it, though I was tempted.”

Beryl says despite being a big George Ezra fan, she’s not really into music. She has never bought a record and has only listened to a few songs by the likes of Abba, Cliff Richard and Rod Stewart.

Now, however, she can’t wait for her hero to play Brighton again.