OPPONENTS of a planned 46m high seafront big wheel have stuck up flyers calling it “a horror”.

The attraction would be as tall as nine double-decker buses and Worthing Borough Council has announced proposals to lease it for three years.

It would operate on the seafront between April and October before being dismantled for the winter.

But an anonymous flyer posted around the town labelled it a “horror” and urged people to oppose it.

The flyer claims the wheel will “overlook and invade the privacy of local residents” and will make parking in the town “impossible”.

It also raised environmental concerns, arguing increased traffic would lead to air pollution.

Residents are divided on the proposed wheel, with some saying Worthing Council is trying too hard to be like Brighton, which had its own big wheel on the seafront until 2016.

Jenny Fair, 65, from Salvington, said: “It would be great if Worthing showed originality rather than emulating Brighton.

“[The wheel] didn’t work there so why do people think it would work in Worthing?”

Elizabeth Heather, 32, who lives in Worthing town centre, said it would make the seafront feel crowded and cluttered.

Ms Heather, a social worker, added: “I love strolling peacefully and I used to love looking at the limitless horizon with no man-made horrors – almost impossible now.”

But others see the wheel as an opportunity to boost tourism with one business owner calling it “brilliant”. Paul O’Brien, 37, who owns I Love Candy, a sweet shop in Bath Place, Worthing, said: “On its own it won’t attract hundreds of thousands of people.

“But as part of a tourist offer it all adds up to make Worthing an attractive town to visit.”

Mark Christie, of West Worthing, said the wheel would “benefit local businesses” and “encourage visitors”.

The town had a taste of a big wheel last year. The temporary attraction in Steyne Gardens attracted more than 10,000 visitors a month despite poor weather and the council decided to look at a longer-term fixture.

Mr Christie said: “I took our kids’ football team on it last year and they loved it – the views over Worthing and beyond were awesome.”

If plans are approved by the council, the wheel will be operated by deKoning Leisure Ltd, the firm behind the temporary wheel, with only minimal financial contributions from the council.