It has been a wet and windy week in Brighton but there have been light shining through in the number of amazing photos posted on Instagram from across our fine city.

This week we come across an amazingly brave dog called Maggie who is living life to the full, she’s a star.

We also see some amazing seafront shots from a windswept Brighton and a few perfectly taken pictures featuring great backdrops.

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1) The bravest dog

The Argus:

Here we have two amazing dogs, in particular little Maggie. She’s called the wonder dog for a reason. Maggie was once shot 17 times and even had her ear cut off in a horrific incident. She’s now also blind but that doesn’t stop her living life to the full. See @maggiethewunderdog for more.

2. Windy waves

The Argus:

Earlier this week the wind gave our coastline a battering. It was a bit more than just breezy on the south coast and that made for some incredible shots of the sea crashing against the shore. This picture was taken by @ilovebrighton

3. Sunny shores

The Argus:

In contrast, just before the wind hit the weather was actually quite pleasant as you can see by this photo. The sunset in the distance as the waves lap at the beach is spectacular, especially with the West Pier standing in the background. See @boybehindacamera for more

4. Lush living

The Argus:

I don’t know what it is about this shot but it just works so well, it’s amazing. Taken by @porcelain.pixie, the phone call, the couch, the pictures on the wall, they all blend amazingly

5. MasterChef memories

The Argus:

Steven Edwards, owner of Etch restaurant in Hove, is known for being one of the finest chefs in the city. He won MasterChef in 2013 and has been transforming food in Brighton ever since. Here he seems to have “conveniently” left his winning MasterChef trophy lying around Etch and someone has captured a snap of it. The picture works as a lovely throwback to when he won the competition and it is lovely to see that he has not forgotten the win that launched the restaurant he now treasures. See @etchfood for more

6. Scenic swing

The Argus:

Choccywoccydoodah is a great place for afternoon tea and with seating like this there’s no surprise that it is so popular. This photo was taken by @tara.the.explorer in their amazing garden scene setting.

7. Lovely Laine

The Argus:

If there is a more “Brighton” shot on Instagram we’ve not featured it yet. This was taken by @pamelakchen and is a scene synonymous with the city. Looking around the city and the wonders that it holds. North Laine is definitely somewhere where the surroundings can really take hold of you, it’s brilliant.

8. Prestine paddling

The Argus:

Another brilliant shot from the seafront and quite a mesmerising scene. A lone paddle boarder works his was across the gentle waves just as the sun is setting. It’s a good thing he didn’t go earlier this week when it was windy. Instagram user @b4hpr took this snap

9. Shelf shades

The Argus:

If you like colour organisation then this is a photo that will give you huge amounts of pleasure. I’m not sure where it was taken but @knittedyogurt posted it on their page and it’s a good thing they did. The contrasting colours are great and really bring the shelves to life.

10. Cowboy captured

The Argus:

This is an interesting shot of the seafront. It looks like a lovely day and this cowboy thinks so too. Soaking up the rays. See @nicola_in_brighton for more