DOG lovers are invited to take their canine companions to a special film screening.

The Duke of York’s Picturehouse in Preston Road, Brighton, will be putting on a dog friendly event on Sunday, May 12.

The “dogumentary” on show will be Pick Of The Litter.

It follows a litter of puppies from the moment they are born through their training to become guide dogs for the blind.

It takes two years for them to be fully trained and the film shows exactly what goes into becoming a guide dog and the amazing work the dogs do.

Film lovers and their puppy pals will be able to relax and enjoy the screening, which is aimed specifically at a canine audience.

People are welcome to buy a ticket whether they have a dog or not.

But anyone buying tickets to attend with their fluffy friend will receive a fleece blanket to cover the seat used by the dog, or a rug if they would rather sit on the floor.

It is the second time the cinema has run a dog friendly show.

Last March it showed Isle Of Dogs to a packed canine crowd.

Carolynn Reddell, duty manager at Duke of York’s, said: “The response we had from the last one was incredible.

“People were bringing the whole family and their dogs too.

“We’ve had customers tell us that it’s been great for them to take their dogs out.

“The staff are very well trained if needed but it hasn’t been so far.”

To further accommodate dogs in the audience, bowls of water will be left by the screen and lighting and sound levels will be adjusted to make sure that all viewers – both two legged and four legged – can enjoy the film and atmosphere in comfort.

People wanting to book tickets are advised that due to having dogs in the crowd there may be fewer seats available than usual.

For tickets and more information visit