A NEW tourist attraction promises to offer visitors a new perspective on the seafront.

Plans for an upside down house have been submitted to Brighton and Hove City Council.

The proposal, by Upside Down House UK, says the building would be “ a unique inverted photo attraction”.

It continued: “We give our customers the opportunity to let heir mind run riot.

“We are more than an attraction, Upside Down House is an experience.”

It would offer visitors the chance to “walk on the ceiling” by taking photos in the attraction and rotating them 180 degrees.

The ten 10x11 metre house is planned to be built on Brighton seafront next to the i360.

This is not the first structure Upside Down House UK have built in the country, after a two-storey upside down house opened in Bournemouth in 2018.

The company promises to “work in partnership with land owners and councils to ensure we decorate each house to be unique to the park and city it is placed in”.

Tom Dirse, CEO of Upside Down House UK, said: "Brighton is a great city and it is a great location next to the i360.

"We are going for a beach lodge design with bright blue colours.

"There are a lot of listed buildings and heritage around here so we are trying to really fit in with that and the city as a whole."

Mr Dirse said a decision on the original planning application was due to be made on May 7.

He said the house took about 14 days to build, and was a temporary attraction that would be on the seafront for a year.

The planning application also said it would use local suppliers, service providers and businesses to construct the upside down house, and the house would create between six and eight jobs.

Upside Down House described its product as a “ self-marketing social media attraction” and plans to use word of mouth through the social media presence of its visitors to gain publicity and reach new customers.