LABOUR MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle was attacked today outside a city centre supermarket as he showed his support for demonstrators calling for a “People’s Vote”.

The MP for Brighton Kemptown was approached by a man coming out of Morrisons in St James’s Street, Brighton, while speaking to People’s March campaigners.

While showing his support for those going to the march, which takes place in London on Saturday, Mr Russell-Moyle was attacked by a bystander.

The man, a supporter of the “Leave” campaign, confronted the MP and the two got into a heated argument.

He then grabbed Mr Russell-Moyle’s glasses.

The MP then grabbed the man’s arm and refused to let go until his glasses were returned.

Eventually he dropped Mr Russell-Moyle’s glasses and walked off in the direction of Old Steine.

The Brighton Kemptown MP said: “We were leafleting for the People’s Vote.

"This gentleman came out of Morrisons and said ‘why the hell are you doing this, you’re trying to deny the will of the people.

“He got very agitated and lunged for me.

"He was clearly angry and probably a bit disturbed.

"It sums up what Brexit is all about.

"Nasty, vengeful and without any logical arguments.”

Mr Russell-Moyle went on to blame Prime Minister Theresa May for the behaviour of the man.

Mrs May gave a speech on Wednesday night, blaming MPs for the delay to the UK’s exit from the EU.

And the Brighton MP has said that Mrs May is now “part of the problem”.

He said: “Theresa May, last night, said last night that it’s her vs MPs.

“That MPs have frustrated the will of the people. 

“If something far worse happens to other MPs because of what she’s said it will be on her.

“She is now part of the problem of this country.

“Even if she’s replaced with another Conservative, she needs to go now.”

Mr Russell-Moyle added that he would not be making a formal complaint to Sussex Police.

He said: "I don’t know who he was and I don’t want to waste police time

"I will report it to my police liaison contact and district commander but I won’t  be asking for further action to be taken."

The People’s March takes place in London on Saturday.