A BAND have criticised the city’s music scene, claiming they are not getting a chance to showcase their talents.

David Cooper, manager of Brighton band White Canvas, has said there are too many bands in the city, leading to less show time for everyone.

He has also said that music lovers in the city are not open enough to enough types of different music.

David said: “There is an issue on the band side of things, especially when you’re trying to contact venues.

“It’s impossible to be given that chance.

“It seems there’s a certain attitude in the scene that is dismissive of certain genres.

“There’s quite a big heavy rock scene but not as much scope for Britpop and indie bands.

“It’s still a big part of the culture in the north but down here things are different.

“The scene needs to accommodate to all genres.”

David went on to criticise the quality of music venues in Brighton.

Small music venues in Brighton include The Hope and Ruin, The Haunt, The Quadrant, East Street Tap and The Prince Albert.

He said that while bigger venues, like the Brighton Dome and Brighton Centre are good smaller venues in the city don’t offer good enough facilities.

“There doesn’t seem to be much at a lower level that has the whole package as a venue,” David said.

“I’ve heard a few negative things about the Haunt but I’ve never played there myself.

“The Hope and Ruin is the best of its size in the area.

“It seems like venues could just do more to draw people in.”

The Argus spoke to another local band to see if this was an opinion shared by acts in Brighton.

Alternative rock group White Room have found a solid fan base in the Brighton music scene.

And singer Jake Smallwood disagrees with the claims that the city’s music scene doesn’t offer enough for up and coming bands.

“I can understand how it could be different for some acts,” Jake says.

“But there are shows every night.

“There’s also a lot of promoters who give local bands plenty of opportunities.

“Brighton is a very open minded place so to say there are people refusing to give you a chance may not be right.

“Crowds just may not enjoy what they’re hearing.

“In such a competitive music scene it can be a case that the cream rises to the top.”