Hello everyone. Dayna Spear here again I hope you’re all doing well.

All I’m currently praying for is spring to kick in, the winds to calm down and the sun to make a little appearance so I can tan my milk-bottle legs and sit on the beach with a Pimm’s. Is that too much for one to ask for?

I had a more relaxed weekend than usual, to be honest. Unfortunately, unlike last weekend (and the majority in history), it did not end in a chip shop at 4am, although that’s probably for the best.

I’m not really one for bingeing on movies or Netflix – I’ve never finished a whole series and I rarely sit down to watch a film. I’d just rather do other things with my time.

However, I think I can stand with most of the nation when I say this weekend I became addicted to the new documentary series on Netflix about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

A truly heartbreaking case, there are eight parts to this series and they really dig in deep to aspects, allegations and suspects I’d never even heard of or considered before. It’s extremely interesting yet utterly confusing and thought-provoking – if you haven’t given it a go yet, head to Netflix and watch.

Have you started watching this series yet? What’s your stance on it?

If you read my previous article, you’ll see I attended the UWCB (Ultimate White Collar Boxing) event at The Grand hotel in Brighton on Saturday evening – did any of you guys grab a ticket?

As I said before, the UWCB holds events all over the UK (in more than 100 different locations, actually) and the money all goes to Cancer Research UK.

It’s a great excuse to dress up smartly and whip out that dress you bought five years ago but have never had the chance to wear (anyone else?) or jump into a suit.

However, I did swiftly realise I’d made a mistake by wearing a dress with a giant slit up the side as I fought winds on the seafront that were strong enough to knock me over – wearing the heels that I was, I’m shocked and surprised that I didn’t take off and end up in the sea.

Once in The Grand, I enjoyed a few cheeky G&Ts and watched the fights. I say watched – does anyone else find it really hard to watch boxing fights?

I always end up squinting my eyes (similarly to when I’ve been forced to sit through a horror film) because I can’t bear to see people getting punched in the face. Yes, I’m aware I’m a wimp, OK?

I believe Brighton’s events so far have raised way over £300,000 for Cancer Research UK, which is absolutely amazing. Don’t worry if you missed the one just gone, as the next Brighton event is on June 15. There’s still time to sign up to fight too… are you up for it? I’m slightly tempted.

Of course, my Sunday ritual of a walk on the beach was fulfilled despite the, err, intense breeze. I dragged my boyfriend out for a nice stroll, picturing the sun shining and the sea lapping at the shore, although I soon came to the realisation that, miraculously, summer hadn’t appeared overnight and it was still as blustery as the night before.

After walking for about ten minutes, ears like ice and my vision severely impaired by my hair practically strangling me, we decided to call it a day and headed up to Libation on Second Avenue for a roast to celebrate my nan’s birthday.

This is where I want to rave to you guys about the gem that is Tisbury’s Kitchen. If you live in Brighton, you’ve probably come across Tisbury’s Kitchen before whether you’ve realised it or not, as they cook for several well-known and reputable pubs across the city – The Ladies Mile pub in Patcham being their flagship. You can also find Tisbury’s Kitchen at The Stoneham and Sunday roasts at The Tipsy Bear and The Longman. This guy gets around.

Run by Russell Tisbury, it’s clear he means business when it comes to seriously good quality food, and puts a huge deal of effort into his menus and culinary creations.

Libation just reminds me of post-dinner Friday night drinks, cocktails and general booziness, however I assure you that the food is to die for and there’s something for everyone on the menu. Come Sunday afternoon, it’s a chilled out space, perfect for winding down after the weekend with a spot of lunch. I went for the vegan nut roast, and let me tell you it’s one of the best (if not the best) roasts I’ve had in Hove. Just look at those crispy roasties. I could have been served a bowlful of those potatoes alone and been chuffed with just that. If roast dinners aren’t your favourite, do not fear – Tisbury’s Kitchen offers a multitude of other dishes including tapas-style small plates, burgers, sandwiches, salads and more. I urge you to sample the magic.

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