A COMIC book fan has rounded up fellow enthusiasts to donate more than 100 graphic novels to a library which had its books stolen.

Steampunk rapper Paul Alborough, who goes by the name of Professor Elemental, is a regular visitor to Southwick Library.

He was shocked to find many of its comic books had been stolen and launched an online campaign called Giving Back To The Library on YouTube.

He called for graphic novel and steampunk enthusiasts to help the library restock.

The 44-year-old who lives in Portslade, said: “With the help of comic enthusiasts around the world, I was able to amass more than 100 books.

“The books were stolen at the beginning of the year and it’s very frustrating because comic books help inspire children to read more.

“Comic books can be sold on eBay for up to £20 or more. I launched the campaign several weeks ago and I had comic fans even from outside the UK donating their books. Some have even bought comic books from Amazon and sent them to me.

“Libraries have lost a lot of funding over the years, which is a shame because some families rely on them for internet access and books for their children.

“Library theft is a worryingly common occurrence, particularly in smaller libraries and it can have a real impact on the already stretched services.

“Libraries used to have a much more prominent place in our society.

“I still take my two children, who are seven and ten, to Southwick Library and they love it there.”

Professor Elemental plays gigs across the globe – in the US, Canada, Cambodia and Sweden – as well as the UK.

He said: “The campaign was very successful and it shows that the world isn’t such as bad place.

“I’ve always loved libraries and thefts can be heartbreaking for regular borrowers.

“I want to say thanks for the kind donations from people all over the world.

“I will be handing the books to Southwick Library next Wednesday.”

Ruth Davies, manager of Southwick Library, said: “We want to thank Professor Elemental for running a campaign to help us replace the missing books.”