BUNNIES, chicks, eggs – how about some chocolate Goslings for Easter?

Chocolatier Jen Lindsey-Clark has made a range of chocolate baby geese with Hollywood actor Ryan Gosling’s head – and the likeness is amazing.

Jen, 39, from Shoreham, runs her own chocolate making business, called The Chocolatician, and her creations are unique.

The Ryan Gosling figures, called “The Goslings”, are hand crafted and the first batch took nearly a month to make.

Jen was helped on the project by Tim Simpson, a sculptor at Portslade-based prop-making company Plunge Creations.

Jen said: “Tim starts by sculpting Ryan’s face out of clay.

“Then we make a mould and then cast in chocolate.

“It took about three weeks to get the face right.

“The mould-making process is very expensive and time consuming so you have to know it’s right before you do that.

“You have to get it spot on or it just looks like a freaky goose.”

Jen said there was no particular reason why she chose Gosling, who is best known for his roles in The Notebook and La La Land.

But it is not the first time she has moulded a famous face.

In 2015 she created a life-size chocolate sculpture of Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch for broadcast channel UKTV.

She then went a step further and put Cumberbatch’s face on a chocolate rabbit, which she called the “Cumberbunny”, which can be seen in the picture, left, with a Gosling.

The creation was so popular that Jen even found herself on the hit US TV show Ellen to talk about it.

She thinks her Goslings will prove just as popular – and is hoping the actor himself will get to try one.

She said: “It’s chocolate art, hand sculpted, original, it’s a real artisan product and the chocolate is very high quality too.

“I hope he appreciates it.”

Each Gosling chocolate is a limited edition piece.

They are made out of milk, white and dark chocolate, depending on your preference, with only 100 of each flavour available.

Getting your hands on one will set you back £39.95, but as Jen said: “It’s not every day you get Ryan Gosling to yourself.”

To order one of the Goslings or see more of Jen’s work visit. www.chocolatician.com.