A “KNIFE arch” put into use at a railway station has been criticised by commuters.

The arch contained a metal detector and during its time at Brighton Station, a 17-year-old boy from Hove was stopped and searched.

He was found to be carrying a knife, and was charged with possession of an offensive weapon and cannabis.

Travellers who did not walk through the arch were spoken to by police.

But some people criticised the arch.

One passenger said: “It’s causing a big queue after hours of commuting. Most people been grafting all day.”

Another said: “It’s not very heartwarming to arrive to Brighton station with a metal detector and heavy police presence at the entrance.”

One commenter added: “Heavy police presence and a metal detector arch at the railway station.

“I asked why and knife crime was the answer.

“What is this country coming to?”

Sussex Police responded to the criticisms.

Chief Inspector Rachel Swinney: “The knife arch has been used throughout the national knife crime week, Operation Sceptre, and we will be using it in the future along with other tactics as part of our ongoing work to prevent knife crime.

“The arch is one part of the many ways in which we are working to prevent knife crime and keep those in our city safe.”