A SUPERMARKET shopping aisle known as the “aisle of dreams” where all sorts of random goods can be bought has been scrapped.

And regulars are devastated.

Aldi, in London Road, Brighton, has recently had a facelift, including a change in the layout of the shopping aisles.

But this has happened at the expense of the popular “aisle of dreams” where customers could find anything from cardboard chairs to dog beer to horse blankets.

Regular Aldi goer Suzanne Lindfors, from Seven Dials, said the aisle closure was “a crisis bigger than Brexit”.

The 41-year-old single mother said: “One of the best things about Aldi London Road used to be that you’d go in for milk and bread, and come out with a dog blanket, cordless drill, wetsuit and a butter dish.

“It became a bit of a joke among friends – what random stuff did Suz come out of Aldi with this week?

“The element of suspense has gone and the random lucky dip aisle of dreams is dead.

“It’s really taken the excitement out of my weekly food shop.”

Suzanne said the best thing she bought from the store was a pair of red ankle-height wellies that made her “feel like a million dollars”.

The boots lasted years and sparked many compliments, despite costing a mere £8.

She said the Faux Malone candles, a nickname created by Aldi shoppers for the store’s version of the expensive Jo Malone branded ones, were a huge success.

The £1.69 Aldi version of a Max Factor mascara was, according to Suzanne, the best she has ever used.

The mother of two, who admitted 75 per cent of her social media images are centred on Aldi, said: “Their dupe make-up and skincare is brilliant. They’ve done own-brand versions of high-end and cult products such as Clarins, Elizabeth Arden and Yves St Laurent.”

Since the refurbishment, shoppers have shared their opinions online.

Suzanne agreed with other customers who said “imagine how much money we’ll save now”.

She said it might be a good thing because she will actually stick to her shopping list, and stop going home with random, unnecessary things.

But she still lamented the loss of the aisle of dreams.

She said: “I could drive to Lewes Road or Lidl, but one of my favourite hobbies was stopping by London Road en route to town, and leaving with an Aldi version of an Elizabeth Arden cream, a mattress protector and a trowel, none of which I needed or wanted. I guess it’s time to take up crocheting or something.”

Tassie Hobden, from Brighton said: “Is it even Aldi if you can’t buy a lawn chair with your weekly shop? My last shop consisted of my groceries, a wooden toaster and a DIY crocheted booties kit.”