CONSERVATIVE MP Henry Smith has said it could be the end of Theresa May’s leadership after she delayed the Brexit departure date.

The MP for Crawley criticised the Prime Minister for repeatedly making strategic errors in her handling of a Brexit deal.

On Thursday night, EU leaders agreed to delay the Article 50 process from next Friday to May 22 if MPs agree with the withdrawal deal negotiated with the EU next week.

If not, the EU will agree to a delay of April 12 but the UK must outline its next steps, whether it is for another extension or to depart with no deal.

Mr Smith said Mrs May’s proposal is a “betrayal of democracy” and of those who voted to leave.

He added: “Almost three years ago, 58 per cent of my constituents voted to leave the EU. I believe that should be seen through.

“A majority of the House of Commons agreed to the withdrawal act that we would be leaving next week and I believe that should be honoured.

“I would like to think after the announcement on Thursday night it could be the last nail in the coffin for Mrs May’s leadership.

“It is a difficult process but she wanted this job – yet she has made strategic errors at every turn.

“I don’t see how she can carry on much longer.”

Mr Smith is one of the most outspoken Tory MPs in the country regarding Mrs May’s handling of Brexit.

He wrote on his Facebook page on Thursday: “British leaders were once great, renowned across Europe and respected throughout the world.

“To paraphrase the Prime Minister on Wednesday night in Downing Street: ‘People want us to just get on with Brexit... so I’m seeking to delay Brexit by a further three months’.

“One hundred and eight times she said Britain was leaving the EU on March 29, so how can we rely on June 30? According to the law, deliver Brexit next Friday please.”

Last year, Mr Smith handed in a letter of no confidence in the Prime Minister to the influential 1922 Committee.

Mr Smith said: “There are differences of opinion about Brexit and the EU within the party.

“But we are also seeing disarray within the Labour Party as they have not been able to articulate what should happen next.

“They also have MPs who are boasting on how to do things in different ways.

“We are seeing a divide across the traditional political parties in the country.”

Previously, Mr Smith has called for the Prime Minister to quit.

He told The Argus: “I do feel sorry for Mrs May.

“She looks tired and clearly this entire process has taken a lot out of her.

“But now it’s the time for change.

“As far as I am concerned the European Union is an undemocratic institution and it’s time for us to reclaim our rights once the process is concluded. Britain will be fine.”