IT IS FAIR to say the country has never been as divided politically as it is at present.

On Thursday, Brighton Kemptown MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle was attacked outside a city centre supermarket while supporting a group calling for a “People’s Vote” on the seemingly never-ending saga of Brexit.

Political differences are perfectly acceptable, resorting to pulling off an MP’s glasses is most certainly not.

Prime Minister Theresa May, clearly increasingly frustrated that her Brexit deal is being rebuffed by Parliament, admitted this week that the country is “sick and tired” of Brexit. In fact, what they are sick and tired of is the lack of a resolution.

Indeed, it appears the Conservative party has never been more divided with the Remainers and Brexiteers refusing to budge an inch and Labour facing similar problems.

Conservative backbencher Henry Smith, the respected MP for Crawley, has, in today’s Argus, once again called for Mrs May to step down, citing her failure to resolve the Brexit conundrum.

What the citizens of this country want to see, regardless of political persuasion, is a resolution and the sooner the better.

Recently, some callers to The Argus have complained about political bias when it comes to coverage of local politics, whether featuring Conservative, Labour, Green, Lib Dem, Ukip or indeed independent councillors’ policies and manifestos in the lead-up to May’s council elections. It is important to stress that this has never been the case and never will be. The Argus will always be completely impartial.