Old Police Cells Museum open for 2019

A MUSEUM that offers a peek into their abandoned police cells is opening for 2019.

The Old Police Cells Museum, located in Brighton Town Hall, Bartholemew Road.

The museum will open for the coming year on Saturday, March 30 at 10am.

From then on the cells will be open to the public from Tuesdays to Saturdays, every week, from 10.30am.

The museum itself can be found in the old Brighton Police Station, which was the base for dealing with crime in the city from 1832 until 1967.

The station was then closed to the public and instead used for storage by the council.

That was until 2004 when then mayor of Brighton, Councillor Pat Drake, obtained permission from the council to bring the cells back to the public eye.

In addition to retaining the original police cells, historic artefacts of old policing methods from the last 180 years are also on show.

If all that wasn’t enough and you want to add some scary moments to your visit, it is also rumoured that the Old Police Cells are haunted by various ghosts.

One of the most legendary figures said to haunt the cells is that of Henry Solomon, the former Chief of Police.

Henry was murdered in 1844 while interviewing a prisoner in his office.

Another ghost said to walk the halls of the station is a Monk who used to tend allotments in the 1700s, on the land that would later become the Town Hall.

Many paranormal groups have visited the cells over the years and the site has become a hotspot for ghost hunters trying to find something mysterious behind the bars.

The museum, which is also a registered charity, do not change any admission for the visits to the cells but do ask for donations which help them keep things running on daily basis.

Anyone wanting a creepy place to host their nuptials can also book weddings at the museum. that is if you don’t mind some ghosts being on the guest list.

For more information of the Old Police Cells Museum visit www.oldpolicecellsmuseum.org.uk.