A FESTIVAL celebrated its tenth anniversary with an abundance of stalls to satisfy all tastes.

And everything was vegan friendly.

VegFest, held at the Brighton Centre in Kings Road, Brighton, took place over the weekend offering visitors an array of products from dog biscuits to Kentucky fried seitan - a meat like texture but made of wheat gluten.

Hayley Hutchinson-Hudson, 51, from The Drive in Hove had a stall for Snaffles, her dog biscuit business, at the festival.

She said: “All the treats are vegan and they are made with natural yeast mixed with spinach or pumpkin or blueberries.”

The former chef bakes all the biscuits at home and they go down a treat with her two French bulldogs.

It’s £5 a pack for the pooch and there are plenty of flavours to chose from.

Humans can eat them too.

National running group Vegan Runners had their stand to encourage the vegan diet and fitness.

Dave Arnold from Preston Park, and who manages Brighton Vegan Runner group said: “It’s great to be here to get people to sign up in Brighton. We have a big following here that we’re looking to set up other groups nearby.

“Our purpose is to support veganism and we work with local businesses here in Brighton to help that.”

The running group are ever expanding in the city and are expecting more than 300 vegans to enter the next Brighton 10k.

Some came from further afield with the idea of setting up a business in the vegan-friendly city.

Evgeny Myshkin from Moscow displayed his own paper and rubber bags, backpacks and wallets.

He said: “These are made out of cellulose paper and natural rubber.

“They are waterproof and last a long time.

“I am hoping to find someone in Brighton who will stock them.”

The material is similar to the label on Levi jeans.

Completely water resistant and last a long time. Look out for his brand Unfold if you want an alternative to a leather bag.

Keri Astill-Frew, founder of V.Dorset, a vegan and vegetarian catering business was celebrating her company’s one year anniversary selling Kentucky fried seitan.

Brighton resident Sarah Holden, 40, attending her stall said: “I have had quite a bit of KFC and this is honestly better and you don’t feel so much guilt when you eat it. It pretty much tastes like the real deal.”

And there was cheese that would drive you nuts. In a good way.

Mirko Parmigiami and his partner Karine Stephan, founders of Palace Culture in London, boasted endless types of vegan cheese made from fermented cashews.

They provided a range of textures from cream cheese to harder cheese and flavours from smoked to chile and chipotle.

All available to taste with a bit of biscuit.

The couple, from Crystal Palace, London, make their cheese at home and supply to Greenbay.uk, an online super market, and vegan cheese shop La Fauxmagerie in London.

But they are looking to set up a foothold in Brighton.

The festival continues today from 10am until 5pm.

After a decade of success, VegFest runners will be taking a break in 2020. But keep an eye out for their next festival announcement.

Bon appetit.