EVERY week The Argus staff are hunting for great lookalikes in Brighton and beyond.

We are welcoming nominations for the best in Sussex.

They can look like any celebrity, be they a singer, athlete or someone else.

If you have family or friends who are the spitting image of someone famous please send us a photo and we will feature the best.

This week we have an excellent submission from the public – let us know your thoughts.

Here we have 57-year-old Chris Martin from Eastbourne.

His brother Andy is the one who sent us this photo, and reckons Chris is a dead ringer for EastEnders hard-man and all round tough guy Ross Kemp.

Andy claims that Chris was even followed around Eastbourne once by someone who thought he was indeed Ross Kemp, who is best known for his role as Grant Mitchell.

What do you think?

Do you or anyone you know have a famous lookalike?

If you do and would like to feature on this page, please send your photo submissions to jamie.walker@theargus.co.uk with the subject “Lookalikes”.