SOON after the morning prayers at 5:30a.m, Britain started to wake up to the devastating news of the murder of 49 Muslims in two Christchurch mosques in New Zealand.

Many flowers were left at the doorsteps of Al-Medina mosque in Brighton, Eastbourne and other places of worship in solidarity by non-Muslims.

Thousands and thousands of messages are being sent to Muslims in New Zealand and all around the world as a gesture of solidarity.

Throughout the United Kingdom, mosques in their Friday prayers asked their worshippers to pray for those who have been murdered in cold blood, those who have been hurt and pray for those Muslims in Christchurch whose lives have been changed forever by this terrorist attack.

There were also prayers said for safety for our own British people.

Leaders of other faiths in the UK are already planning vigils to say prayers for those who have been murdered and for those who have been hurt by this heinous and cowardly crime.

From what we know so far, this was a calculated terrorist attack aimed at deliberately murdering in cold blood the innocent children, women, men and the disabled.

An act that was detached from any human reality and a carbon copy of any vicious video game where the idea is to kill as many in front of us as possible in the shortest possible time.

Having seen the video numerous times, it remains out of human comprehension that one human can do this to another.

The murderer of Christchurch Muslims took the whole aspect of murder in cold blood to another level by showing his brutal act live.

Irrelevant of whether these cold-blooded terrorists are Muslim, Christian, Jews or have no faith, there is no place for these people in our society or for that matter in our world.

Hate preaching and enticement to murder must be eradicated.

Social media and tec giants cannot delay in doing their job.

Human lives are at stake and the fundamental fabric and the foundation of our society is at stake.

Did Jo Cox die for nothing? Did countless other innocent women, children and men die for nothing? Did those innocent people in Manchester die for nothing? Did the six people in the mosque in Quebec City die for nothing? Did eleven Jews in the Pittsburgh synagogue die for nothing? Did the nine Christians in Charleston die for nothing?

The sixty-nine young Christians murdered in cold blood by Anders Breivik, did they also die for nothing?

Hate crime has to be expunged from our society and every MP, every councillor, every local authority and every local leader must now step up and take the bull by the horns and take steps to stop this from spreading.

We need to look deep into ourselves and see where we lie regarding our dislike and hate for people of other faiths and other colours.

What is the role of politicians and the media in Islamophobia and anti-Semitism?

Who has chosen to privately and publicly stoke up hatred and detestation against Muslims, Jews and others?

We cannot make excuses. We have to work together more than ever before, to help each other to do what it takes to build an open, fairer and just society where the colour of our skin, our creed and our culture makes no difference.

Brighton and Hove Muslim Forum Community Base Queens Road Brighton