WE all know that climate change is one of the most serious issues we face and that it is equally important to keep it in the public eye.

Hence the reason thousands of schoolchildren and university students in the city took to the streets at two recent protests to highlight their concerns and demand that something is done before it is too late.

Then yesterday there was a “funeral march” from Montpelier Street to the Clock Tower, organised by activist group Extinction Rebellion which was supported by hundreds of people in the city centre.

Those behind Extinction Rebellion already believe that the planet is doomed due to mankind’s indifference to what has been going on and the effect it is having and will continue to have on all of us, as well as our wildlife.

They certainly got their message across impressively as a large coffin was borne aloft on the march and placards were carried with stark messages emblazoned on them.

They are right, of course, life is slowly but surely been squeezed from Earth, you just have to observe the damage being done to our oceans by plastic which is callously dumped on our beaches.

The likes of Greenpeace and leading television presenters such as Sir David Attenborough have spelled out in no uncertain terms the damage being done.

Awareness is key and any small part individuals and companies can play to help combat climate change is extremely welcome.

However, it is the multinationals and indeed governments across the globe which must play a key role in slowing down the inevitable and the time for action is now. The clock is ticking.