A MOTHER has issued a warning after her son was told to “get on his knees” at knifepoint.

Sarah Narrett said her 13-year-old was set on by a gang of blade wielding teenagers in Monks Recreation Ground in Lancing a week ago.

The 35-year-old mum said: “It makes me feel scared, really, really scared.

“I’m panicking when he’s at school so I’m ringing constantly to make sure my son’s OK.

“I’m worried not just for him but other children in the community.”

Ms Narrett’s son, who she asked not to be named, was playing with his friend in the Lancing park at about 1.30pm.

She says that a gang of teenagers climbed down from the roof of a nearby supermarket and demanded the pair get on their knees.

One member of the gang, who was with another four boys and girl, produced a pocket knife.

Another member gestured he was also carrying a blade.

When the pair refused, the gang told them to “say sorry” and get on their knees or they would “twist the blade in their neck”.

The pair managed to escape from the gang but the incident has left the 13-year-old “terrified”.

Ms Narrett, who lives close the the park, said: “Seven years ago when I first moved here I was in love with the area.

“But the last three years you can see it going downhill.

“Kids are hanging around the street in gangs and it’s not nice for people walking by themselves.”

The mum is now issuing a warning to other parents and children in the area about knife crime.

She added: “It’s not just my son, it could everyone else’s child

“My son’s school has been great, I cannot fault them at all, they’ve been brilliant.

“He’s obviously worried about what happened.

“You never know, he could have been injured or lost his life.

“All the other parents I know are shocked and everyone’s worried about their own children.

“We should be taking this sort of thing very seriously and I want justice to be done.”

A spokesman for Sussex Police said: “We were called to a report of a 13-year-old boy having been threatened with a knife.

“He had been told to ‘say sorry’ and told get on his knees, neither of which he did.

“He was not assaulted, but an object in the pocket of the other boy was intimated to be a knife.

“The group had dispersed before police were called, but officers searched and patrolled the area and no trace was found of the group.

“The identity of boy who made the threats and intimated that he had a knife is not known.

“But the incident is being investigated and police would like to hear from anyone with information.

“They can get in contact either online or via 101 quoting serial 559 of 17/03.”