TRAINS are being delayed and cancelled on the Brighton Main Line.

A fault with the signalling system near Hassocks is causing disruption between Brighton and Haywards Heath, starting at about midday today.

The Southern Rail website initially warned that this disruption was expected to last until 1.30pm.

It later announced that the fault had been fixed, but said that disruption was expected to last until 2.30pm.

On its website, Southern Rail stated: "Earlier today, Network Rail had confirmed a technical fault with their signalling system in the Hassocks area, affecting the line towards London Victoria and London Bridge.

"Whilst the failure was being investigated by Network Rail, a temporary work around known as 'talking past' had been implemented.

"This meant that upon arrival towards the affected signal, train crews had stop and contact the signalling centre whereby the signaller verbally guided the driver through to the next signal.

"This process unfortunately added up to 10 minutes to your journey, but was the most suitable decision to ensure that a full as possible service could still run.

"As of 13:30, the fault has been rectified."

The company also stated: “You may be entitled to compensation if you experience a delay in completing your journey today.

“Please keep your train ticket and make a note of your journey, as both will be required to support any claim.”