A PSYCHIC has predicted the outcome of Brexit – and it is bad news for the Prime Minister.

Brighton clairvoyant Isabella Rosetta used her physic powers yesterday to peek into the future.

The 39-year-old from Tarot By The Sea in Hove said she saw “partying in the street” after Theresa May is given the boot and Brexit is stopped in a second referendum.

Speaking of her look into the future she said: “These visions are like little films which come into my head.

“I saw a people’s vote happening in May, and the remain side winning.

“I also saw ‘exit Brexit’ street parties, and parades with music in the street – there is so much joy.

“It’s a carnival atmosphere.

“I see May packing her bags to the sound of people cheering.

“There’s a huge sense of relief in the parade.”

Isabella, who says she has been psychic since childhood, said Mrs May will be replaced by a man, but she could not say who, although she did see a vision of Boris Johnson who will “reappear and have a big part to play”.

She added that the new Prime Minister will prove far more popular than Mrs May.

Along with her clairvoyant vision into the future, Isabella used tarot cards to predict Brexit’s outcome.

She said the star card appeared, which symbolises a renewed sense of faith and hope.

She said: “The UK will strike a deal with the EU to remain and will be stronger for it.

“May is going and will be forced out of her position as Prime Minister.

“She will try to stop this from happening but she is worn down and exhausted, like her plans.

“The people will get justice in the form of a fairer, more balanced and more charitable deal.

“It’s a deal for the people who felt cheated.

“Pubs will be celebrating Brexit victories and the UK will remain part of the EU.”

Isabella performs psychic and tarot readings from her home in Hove.

If you would like to know more, contact her on 07564 168085.