BRIGHTON Conservatives have promised to introduce a lottery in the city if they are elected in May.

The proposed Brighton and Hove Lottery would fund investment in leisure facilities, parks and streets.

The initiative would form part of a “digital revolution” tipped by Tory leader Tony Janio to “transform” the city.

Councillor Janio said: “Our city can be world leading, but only with the right leadership.

“Imagine a society where technology improves how we move around the city, house our residents, educate our children and provide well-paid jobs.

“The election will be about many things, but above all about reviving the spirit of liberty our city thrives upon.”

With the Labour-run council officially declaring a climate emergency last year, the Conservatives pledged to increase electric charging points and reduce the use of plastic in the city.

As part of a proposed “transport revolution” a Tory council would create park and ride schemes and promote walking and cycling, the manifesto said.

They Tories also promised to improve parking for communities and voluntary groups.

In response to the housing crisis that has left many homeless in the city, the Conservatives want to work with voluntary groups to “tackle rough sleeping”.

However, the Tories pledged to limit new housing on the city’s outskirts, though they would support “shared ownership and community housing” for young people.

Cllr Janio added his party would “renew pride across the city and raise our quality of life to new heights” by investing in leisure and culture.

He said: “Life isn’t all about work: we also need to relax, with sport and culture enriching our lives.”

As part of this, the Conservatives want to invest in museums and the Royal Pavilion, as well as supporting new sports and waterfront developments.

Cllr Janio claimed the current Labour council has “neglected” the city and “lost the right to govern”.

He added: “A newly elected team of talented Conservative councillors will reinvent the council, enabling the city to thrive during these challenging times.

“Our vision will transform the city, ensuring its long-term success. Our vision, described in this manifesto, will enable our city to become the most dynamic in the world.”

The announcement means all three parties in the council have now revealed their manifestos ahead of local elections on May 2.

Labour has pledged to build 800 new council homes and transform the city into a carbon neutral zone.

The Greens, meanwhile, prioritised littering and housing in their election pledge.