WHISPER it – you can now get a roast dinner as good, or even better, than those cooked at home.

That’s the claim from Halisco restaurant in Brighton as it launched its new Sunday lunches.

Taste thought it was a big claim, especially from a place that specialises in Mexican food, so when The Argus was invited to try it we were expecting it to be a bit far-fetched. But the proof is in the pudding as they say and we had to hold our hands up.

The perfectly cooked beef, fantastic nut roast, huge crispy Yorkshire puddings and crackling were all amazing.

Co-owner and professional poker player Sam Razavi, 38, said: “Our family love a good Sunday roast and we are usually closed Sundays anyway, so we thought why not?

“We’re starting traditional and will add touches of Mexican flair to it as we go along, including roast dinner burritos in a Yorkshire pudding wrap.

“The customers have been raving about our roast potatoes, and our head chef and co-owner – and my brother – Mo is happy to share his secrets.

“For the perfect roast potatoes, par boil your potatoes right to the point that they are about to crumble, then drain and transfer while hot to the fridge.

“The dry air recrystallises the starch, so when you roast them, they are perfectly crisp on the outside and light and fluffy on the inside.

“Infuse your oil with garlic and woody herbs, season and start the potatoes on the stove top until they have some colour then finish in the oven – lovely jubbly.”

Halisco, in Preston Street, has been open for two years now, and is still going strong as the Tripadvisor number one ranked Mexican restaurant in Brighton

Sam, from Brighton, added: “We adjust our menu every few months to keep it fresh, but the chorizo scotch egg is a veteran of the Halisco menu.

“It’s been with us since the beginning and is such a hit among customers new and old that we daren’t risk taking it off.

“The pork belly tacos have been added fairly recently and the feedback has been incredible. Who doesn’t like crispy pork belly? And when it’s paired with our tomatillo salsa and house-made sriracha they really are irresistible.”