TWO burger brothers are over the flipping moon after being awarded five stars for hygiene standards.

George and Brian Moyo were “heartbroken” to receive one star last year from Brighton and Hove City Council for hygiene in their restaurant, Bad Boy Burgers, in Western Road, Brighton.

But after months of hard work, the Moyo brothers have redeemed themselves.

And they have just been given the highest possible rating for hygiene – just in time for the restaurant’s first anniversary.

Talking about receiving the original rating, chef Brian, 50, said: “It was devastating.

“There is no way you can hide from it as you have to go to work.

“And I know I wouldn’t want to eat from somewhere given a one rating.”

The Moyo brothers say they were so excited with the popularity of their new business they were not quick enough to address issues with some equipment.

But they said the shame of customers knowing they had been given the one rating spurred them to go above and beyond for their March 28 inspection.

After making the necessary changes – and then some – they were awarded the highest possible grade for hygiene, five stars.

Brian, who once had his food praised by Gordon Ramsay in an episode of Kitchen Nightmares, said: “We wanted to get a five and so we looked at what we needed to do and did it.

“When we got the result we were so delighted, we’re still celebrating.”

Brian, the chef at the restaurant, was a finalist in the 2018 National Burger Awards while working at the Soulfood Food Bar.

Brian’s brother George, 44, said: “When the council came to talk to us, we listened and took everything thing they said as advice.

“Some people get annoyed at them, but they’re just doing their job and they’re only trying to help you.

“We’re serving the public so we don’t want to be liable because of health hazards

“We wanted to redeem ourselves and we did so, our advice to others is that it pays to listen.”