ARMED police swooped on a train station and Tasered a man found with a sword.

John Gunn had stashed the katana samurai blade, and was walking in the car park.

The officers twice told him to drop the weapon, and twice he refused, so he was Tasered.

Officers had been called after reports Gunn had “waved it around” at Three Bridges in December.

But at Brighton Crown Court, prosecutors said they did not have the original 999 phone call to prove it.

Gunn admitted possessing an offensive weapon in a public place, and was previously due to meet the probation service in a bid to avoid prison.

But 26-year-old builder failed to turn up because he feared smelling of alcohol from a bender the night before.

Judge Shani Barnes was furious with him, but agreed to delay his sentence until he has met the service.

Beverley Cherrill, prosecuting, said the police were called to Three Bridges at 2.45pm on December 27.

She said: “Armed response units were deployed to the train station in Three Bridges after they received reports where it was said that the sword was being waved around.

“I have to concede that the only CCTV of this incident shows that the sword was sheathed inside his jacket.

“The officers found him on his way towards the taxi rank. They told him to drop the sword, he told them he wouldn’t.

“They asked him a second time, he said ‘no’. They Tasered him and took the sword from him.”

Judge Barnes said: “There is a 999 call in this case. It defies common sense not to check it. Did anyone bother?

“A member of the public was clearly upset and rang 999.

“This was 2.45pm in the afternoon at a railway station, there was a risk of serious disorder. What if someone had tried to take the sword off him?”

Gunn has seven convictions for 18 previous offences, including a racist attack, assaulting a PC, destroying property, and drunk and disorderly behaviour.

He has been subject to alcohol treatment programmes in the past.

Judge Barnes asked Nicholas Hamblin, defending, if Gunn has relapsed back into alcoholism after failing to turn up to the probation meeting.

She said: “You are asking me to give him yet another chance. He got drunk, and didn’t turn up. Why would it be suitable to adjourn at all?

“He was seen in public with a samurai sword, this is a serious matter.”

The judge said Gunn, of Breydon Walk, Crawley, faces seven months in prison after pleading guilty.

Mr Hamblin said Gunn was capable of doing unpaid work.

Gunn himself said he did understand the seriousness of his situation, and denied the judge’s claim that he didn’t think his appointment mattered.

He now faces sentencing on May 3.