PILLOW fighters united for a fluffy public brawl.

The Brighton Pillow Fight started at midday at The Level in Brighton as a crowd of about 60 people charged at one another with pillows in hand.

Shortly before being taken to the ground by a young Snow White lookalike, one fighter, Samuel Quintana, 32, said: “This is very good fun for everyone, and it’s really good exercise too.

“All the children love it, especially getting to attack some of the bigger grown-ups.”

It was part of International Pillow Fight Day, which promotes the health benefits for adults of “including play in their everyday life”.

This was set up by public happiness movement Focallocal, which said it was “teaching how community self-led action can create magical things”.

The focus was on fun, but there were some rules.

The event page told those taking part not to hit anyone holding a camera, not to hit anyone who isn’t holding a pillow and to use only feather free pillows - to prevent asthma attacks.

It also said that, if a pillow bursts, it should be cleared up.