A 30-MAN brawl erupted on the seafront after a charity martial arts night at The Grand.

Security guards said they had to clear blood off the steps and break up more than a dozen scuffles in King's Road on Sunday.

One security guard said it was the worst incident he had ever seen, and said it had ruined the Ultra MMA fight night which was raising funds for Cancer Research UK.

Meanwhile one fighter who had taken part said those who were fighting outside had shown “proper disrespect”.

Hotel bosses say the crowd had left the hotel, and said the disturbance did not affect any guests or staff.

Police were called at 9.30pm, but say the incident had calmed down by the time they arrived.
Security guard Ross Hensby said: “It was after the last fight had finished.

“There was a bit of friction inside the event with a few sets of tables because of the different opponents. We had to deal with them and keep them separated inside.

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“Then outside the hotel they started fighting. There must have been 15 or 20 fights separately, with women screaming, and men with cut eyes and broken noses.

“I am a door supervisor and I’ve never seen things as bad as this. It was ridiculous, there was blood everywhere.

“I think it’s an absolute disgrace, especially as it was meant to be a charity event.”

The Grand hosts regular boxing and mixed martial arts event nights for charity. 

Fighter Kharina Kharran said: “I walked out of my fight to this crap. Proper disrespect. If you can’t enjoy a night out, stay at home.

“I can’t believe how disrespectful some people can be. There was zero need for this. The security staff were incredible. They washed blood off the stairs.”

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In a statement the police said: “We were called after reports of fights in King’s Road, where some 30 had been fighting.

“By the time officers arrived, the group had dispersed and no further action was necessary.

“There were no reported injuries and no one has come forward, and no suspects have been identified.”

In a statement the hotel said: “At the time of the incident the parties involved had left the hotel, however we made the police aware.

“No hotel guests or employees were involved and as the incident was within the public realm any follow up was left in the hands of the relevant authorities.”