RECORD Store Day 2019 is right around the corner.

There are some great albums on offer and record stores across Brighton are putting on plenty of entertainment to satisfy customers who will have been queueing throughout the day to get their hands on limited edition LPs by their favourite artists.

Here is your comprehensive guide to what’s going on this Record Store Day (RSD).


RSD takes place on Saturday in record stores across the city.

The Venues:

Cult Hero

Brighton Place, Brighton

Having not taken part in Record Store Day last year, the team at Cult Hero are eager to get going in 2019.

Now in their new home in The Lanes, owner Frank Taylor is excited about what RSD has in store.

He said: “It should be packed in here, it should be really good.

“The spread of records is good this year, probably the best I’ve known.

“We’ve got a bar, provided by Hotel Pelirocco, they’re providing their own homemade rum and gin.

“We’ve got DJs and a couple of live performances too.”

For more information on the day visit the Cult Hero Facebook page.

Vinyl Revolution

Duke Street, Brighton

This is only Vinyl Revolution’s second RSD but they are already proving a popular place to visit to get an LP.

With parties down Duke Street, and shop owners dressing up to celebrate, it’s certainly a unique way to spend the day.

Co-owner Rachel Lowe said: “It brings everyone together.

“It’s a good way to create awareness for record shops around the country.

“People sit outside with a beer or wine and just have a good time.”

For more information visit

Resident Music

Kensington Gardens, Brighton

One of the most well known record stores in Brighton, Resident is always packed and no more so than on RSD.

The store will have music on throughout the day from local bands, like Blood Red Shoes, and bands who have RSD releases.

Co-owner Derry Watkins said: “It’s something that lots of our customers come to every year.

“It’s a social occasion it’s not just about buying records.

“Friendships are made in the queue.”

For more information visit

Rarekind Records

Trafalgar Street, Brighton

Rarekind is noticeable because of the artwork on the building.

They will be celebrating RSD with a big end of day party at Patterns nightclub from 8pm.

Owner Ewan Hoop said: “It’s a good day for independent record shops.”

For more information visit