A MOTHER has told how her baby twins died in her arms after she gave birth at just 22 weeks.

Lisa Abbott, 33, from Bush Farm Terrace in Portslade, had Liberty Rose and Leo James at the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton.

She said her waters broke too early and there was little hope for their survival.

Her son lived for 24 minutes.

She gave birth to Liberty the next day, but she only survived for 41 minutes.

Lisa said: “It was heartbreaking.

“After Leo died there was a small chance Liberty would survive so we waited an extra day.

“But it was still just too early.

“The doctors did tell me they really need to be at least 24 to 25 weeks to be able to survive. I was only two weeks too early.

“They were so close to surviving.”

Leo James weighed 410g while his sister weighed a mere 405g.

Lisa said her older son has been traumatised by the loss of his little siblings.

She said: “My ten-year-old son, Connor, has been really shaken up by it. It was him that named his little bother Leo.

“He was looking forward to having them in his life.

“I have been writing poems about them because it really helps me deal with the fact that they’ve gone.”

In her poem about Liberty she says: “There is a place in my heart that will forever be yours and I will think of you every day, you were 405 grams of perfection and beauty in every way.”

For Leo she wrote: “I have never known pain quite like this, my heart is broken and my soul screams for you every day, but I will remember you my precious boy and that you are perfect in every way.”

Lisa stayed in the Willow suite in the Royal Sussex County Hospital for a week with her babies after she gave birth.

She said: “The staff were so kind to me and they let me stay and hold my little babies for as long as I needed to."

The twins father, Tim Able, 33, has been incredibly supportive throughout the traumatic experience. 

Lisa said: "He looked after me in the hospital and was very supportive.

"The grief and trauma of losing the twins unfortunately broke our relationship but he continues to support me and Connor and we are still good friends.

"He is a fantastic father and he stayed in the hospital with me all the time."

Lisa’s twins were kept in a cold cot, fitted with a cooling unit that allows families to spend extra time with their baby by regulating its temperature.

She said: “I was so happy they let me stay as long as I did so that I could give them their last cuddles.

“I really don’t want to have such a traumatic memory of them so I am organising an event to make something more positive that me and my son can remember them by.”

Lisa will be running a family friendly fundraising day with a raffle, stalls and activities to raise money for The Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Charity (Sands), which provides support to anyone affected by the death of a baby.

It has been supporting her through the loss of her twins since they died in November.

She said: “It’s been traumatic, but we want to do something that will leave a good memory and something that will support this charity that are getting me through.

“They have shown incredible support towards me.”

Lisa has invited a range of local businesses to support her event including Rep Tylers from Brighton, an exotic pets company, cafe An-an from Hove and handmade soaps and toiletries company Soaping Station.

She said: “The support from the community has been amazing. Lots of pubs and hairdressers have donated to our raffle that we will be running on the day to raise money.”

Lisa will be running the event at Southwick football club in Old Barn Way on Saturday from 10am until 3pm.